Santi Drysuits arrive in Australia

Halcyon and SANTI Diving have announced the launch of their alliance in Australia and Dive Spear and Sport are so excited to be a proud new stocker of the SANTI Drysuits! SANTI is a world leader in drysuit and undergarment manufacturing, with the CEO of SANTI producing his products for the diving needs of the cold waters of the Baltic Sea.

Right now, we have the first of the range including the men’s Emotion Plus dry suit, and the Ladies first dry suit, with the Flex 190 and BZ 400 undergarment range.

What we love about the SANTI drysuits is the extensive sizing range, allowing you to fit a drysuit to your size and also height without having to customise the suit. We will be sure to find a perfect fit for you! Getting INTO the suit is also exceptionally easy compared to many drysuits, with a telescopic torso. They also come standard with silicon seal and the undergarments are TOASTY TOASTY warm.

Get in touch here for more info about a Santi Drysuit. If you come in store, don’t forget to have a look at the heated undervest…. Can anyone say “Drysuit envy”?

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