Get the fish on your float

When starting out spearfishing, there is a ton to think about. The most common questions we get are things such as how to freedive deeper and for longer, how to line up the shot, how to load a gun and what guns are best. However, often new spearos overlook a crucially important step – getting the fish on a float!

Why do we put fish on a float line? There are a number of reasons why floats are a GREAT idea. 

  1. So we don’t lose gear.

A float line connected to your gun allows you to let go of you gun when you shoot a fish. When you shoot a big fish, it’s not going to instantly stop moving, in almost all cases the fish will put up a fight and you’ll experience how strong it is. In most cases, that fish is going to more than likely swim down into the depths and take your gun with it.  A float line allows you to let go of your gun and then pull it back up via the line on the surface.

  1. So you don’t have a shallow water blackout.

A float line helps prevent blackouts. There have been occasions where divers will shoot a fish and try fight it to the surface, which can cause shallow water blackout. With a float line or a breakaway system, the diver can separate themselves from the fish and pull the fish up on the surface.

  1. Makes you more visible to boats and overhead traffic.

Often if you’re spearing in an area with some good fish, chances are there are fisherman on boats in the area as well. A float lets your presence known to those in the area so they know to keep distance from where you are spearing.

  1. Makes you more visible to your buddy

With a little swell and camo wetsuit, it can make it hard for your buddy to find you. A float makes it easy for your buddy to find you, stay near you and help you quickly in the case that you require assistance.

  1. Gets fish off your body so the sharks don’t go for it.

Nuisance species such as Whalers LOVE a good spearo and are always pinching catch off divers. They’re not interested in you, they are only interested in your fish, so having it hanging a few metres away is always better. It’s inevitable in your spearing career that you’ll encounter one of these pests in your escapades; if your catch is the result of your hard work, then the shark is the taxman – and he always gets his tax! So keep your catch off your body so you don’t pay more than you need to!

Having a float and float line is the smart decision for both safety and visibility! Need more advice about the best float and float line for you? Get in touch with us at or check out our range online here.

What situation have you had spearfishing where your float has been a godsend?

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