Boat Survey Results: You’ve told us, and we’ve listened…

Change is in the water this winter! 


The results of the Dive Spear and Sport survey are in… and it’s time to respond. You didn’t think we forgot did you?

Firstly, thank you to all those who responded. The feedback was really valuable, and we appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you want. We saw some popular trends, which is great as it has helped us to concrete some plans.

Based on the results of the survey, the following changes are in the air.


  • Change to dive start time

Morning boat dives will be moved to an 8am for 8:30am departure time. This will allow you guys to get out of the water and on with your day quicker, and help the whole day run smoother.

  • Afternoon dives scheduled

Many of you have already seen some of these, but we will continue to schedule afternoon dives on weekends. This means that those late risers or busy morning people will have the opportunity to dive also.

  • Monthly night dive        

We will schedule a monthly night dive off the boat for those that are interested. This will be 6pm for 6:30pm departure so that we can get you back in reasonable time. Keep an eye on the schedule, facebook and the newsletter for more info of upcoming night dives.

  • New sites!

We are expanding our range of dive sites to include various other sites around the Northern Beaches and central coast including Dee Why Wide, Newport Reef, Box Head and more…

  • Monthly EXPLORATORY dive

We have been exploring new sites around the area, and lots of you have been asking to come along – so here’s your chance! These dives will be around various new sites on the Northern Beaches and also the Central Coast and based on your feedback, will help us decide if this is worth putting on the schedule. Some will be awesome, some may not be – that’s why they’re exploratory!

All divers must be a minimum Advanced certified and first time divers to Dive Spear and Sport will not be permitted to dive on these dives. Our staff will not be familiar with these sites, so experience and comfort in the water is a must. This is a great opportunity to check out some sites that haven’t been dived before. Stay tuned into the schedule for more information.

We are working towards having all these changes implemented by 1st July, but we will be sure to update you as they happen.

Few honourable mentions… because, how else are we going to respond to it?

Firstly, thanks to all those who said they love our staff on the boat – the feedback has been passed on and they love you too… Lots of love in this survey! But we appreciate it tremendously.

“Put Sam on guiding Long Reef.”

Response: We HAVE tried, but between his wedding planning and busy schedule learning to waltz, he’s been unable to fit us in for guiding. We’ll continue to harass him though and hopefully he’ll find an opening in his schedule to get out there with you. Don’t worry, we will persist! 😉

“One exploratory dive a month… chics dig explorers!”

Too right mate, chicks DO love explorers. We will introduce the exploratory dives very soon… Fingers crossed it also gives you a little luck with the ladies! 😉

For more information or questions, please drop us a line at Find out more about upcoming dives on our online dive schedule.


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