Four reasons why to learn to freedive

Photo Credit: Adam Stern

Freediving is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world and it’s easy to see why. The freediving world is being pushed forward by professional freedivers performing spectacular underwater feats, it’s no wonder that everyone is curious about learning to freedive.

For some people, freediving is such a scary concept. What is it that people find so appealing about freediving? On our freediving courses here in Sydney, we have found while there are a number of reasons why to learn to freedive, here are some of the most popular.

  1. It’s about relaxation

Freediving requires slow, controlled breathing. The breath-up process can be considered a form of meditation, and slowing the mind and heart rate is key. For this reason, it puts you into a meditative state that can help to relieve stress and calm the mind.

  1. It’s about inner discipline.

When you learn to freedive, you learn to get to know your body. Learning what your limits are, and learning to overpower your body’s urge to breathe. This isn’t at all dangerous, it’s using the information we have to work through your fears and desires to find peace underwater.

  1. It’s about freedom

As you learn to freedive, and get more comfortable with freediving as a sport, you start to feel more freedom underwater. The freedom of being under without heavy gear, and as you get deeper, the freedom of dropping effortlessly or surfacing effortlessly feels like flying. A euphoric, peaceful, free sensation.

  1. It’s about personal bests

Let’s be honest. People. Love. PBs. When you hit a new PB, a new level of success, you feel like you’ve achieved something and you are rewarded with a little dopamine hit. It’s a great feeling. So then you work to do it again. After initially learning to freedive, almost everyone starts working towards their freediving PBs. Cause being able to say “I’m a 20m freediver” for example, is pretty cool!

What’s the primary reason you freedive?

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