Japanese midget sub

We went to the Japanese midget sub

Japanese Midget Sub

On the night of the 31st of May 1942 3 Japanese midget submarines made their way into Sydney Harbour in an attempt to attack Allied warships. Two of them were shot down and recovered by the Allies but one of the Japanese midget subs disappeared until 64 year later when a group of amateur Northern Beaches divers discovered the wreck. It was sitting upright on the seabed 55m below sea level about 500m from Bungan head. Right in our backyard!

As much as many Northern Beaches divers would love to go check out the wreck it was declared as protected as a war grave with a hefty fine of over a million dollars if anyone thought they would like to go check out the Japanese midget submarine themselves.

BUT then a ballot was created for divers who might want to check out the Japanese midget sub wreck with a lucky few Northern Beaches divers selected. And we got the privilege to drive them out past Bungan head so that they could dive this historic wreck.

What a day it was! With 15m visibility and no currents it was the perfect conditions to see the Japanese midget submarine in all its glory. Lots of marine life came out to play and we have some epic photos and videos (thanks to diver Rus Pvenski). It’s very hard not to be extremely jealous of these northern beaches divers!

Check out some of the photos:

Japanese midget sub Japanese midget sub

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