Changes to the boat paperwork


We are excited to advise that the boat paperwork is CHANGING, and it’s a positive… trust us!

As many of you know, the paperwork process is a little tedious, getting the liability releases done to get on the boat everytime you go down there. It’s time consuming and painful, so we decided, hey… let’s change it!

So, in the next week, we will start rolling out a BRAND NEW release that is valid for FIVE years. This will need to be done either in the shop before boarding the boat, or completed and returned electronically, but will only need to be done once.

If you are a regular diver, and you have an upcoming dive, we will send it out via email and you can complete it and send it back or drop in and get one done.

Alternatively, you can be REALLY organised, download the Boat and Course Release and Indemnity here and send it back to us at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the shop on (02) 9999 3903.

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