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Join us for Clean Up Australia Day Dive and Freedive!

Whatever you are doing on Sunday 3rd March, Cancel it! And come join us for our Clean Up Australia Day event and help us continue to keep our local area beautiful!


We have some of the most beautifully pristine coastline in the world, and it’s absolutely vital that we keep it that way! So, on the 3rd March, we will be heading down to kiddies corner at Palm Beach to clean up our local area! The affect that rubbish such as plastic, straws, food wrappers, bottles and fishing line has on our local marine life is terrible. We need to preserve our waters to ensure that some of the beautiful local species that live in our waters aren’t affected!


We have the ability to get in the water and make our oceans safer for some of our beautiful marine life like fish, turtles, seals, sharks and more that live in the local area where we will be cleaning.


If you’re a scubadiver, freediver, spearo or snorkeller, you can participate! Family and friends who are non divers – bring them too and they can take a walk and clean up the beach!


We will put on a bit of breaky as well to keep the sustenance up! Dust off your gear, come have a play, work on some skills and do your bit! You have no reason what to!




Event is free. Heavily discounted gear hire! $45 gear hire and $10 tank hire.




Call us at the shop on 9999 3903 or email to book on.
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