Five things every spearo should know before starting spearfishing

If you’re just getting into spearfishing, it can be hard to know the most important basics to get started. So we asked our inhouse spearing legend, Jasper Mueller to impart some of his wisdom and give his top five tips to new spearos starting out. Do you do these 5 things?  

    • ALWAYS dive with a buddy and float, float line. – This is to important because in the worst case you or your buddy have a shallow water blackout, one can help the other. Float and float line ensure you can store your catch, store food and water, use as a floatation device, be able to let go of your gun if you put a spear into a big fish or it gets stuck on the bottom, but most importantly make other water users such as boats and jet skis aware of your presence.  


    • Buy once, cry once – Buy the best gear within your budget from reputable brandscompanies and retailers. Yes, buying good gear is more expensive now but cheaper in the long run. Buying cheap knock off gear won’t last or have warranty, so you’ll end up spending more money than if you just bought the right gear to start with.


    • Fishing regulations/Ethics – Making yourself aware of bag and size limits as well as knowing what you can and can’t take will help you avoid any altercations with fisheries officers. This will make sure you’re doing the right thing and taking away the uncertainty of being unsure of your take limits actually are. In terms of ethics, take what you need only and not necessarily what the bagging limit allows. For example, the fact that you can take 10 Bream doesn’t mean you should. In the case of something like Mulloway and Lobsters, where the take limit is 1-2 is completely acceptable. Apply your better judgement on a case by case basis here.


    • Don’t chase after fish – Learning to use your surroundings, body language and the fishes curiosity to your advantage will be way more productive than swimming after fish. This is done by diving to the bottom, using the reef as cover and scratching rocks against each other or tossing up sand to peak the fishes curiosity. They will think there’s a feed happening and will come in to have a look. Another way is to do lots of dives in a fishy area to get them acclimatised giving them a false sense of security which can make flighty fish easier to spear. Of course, always keep well within your limits at all timesMost importantly, just have fun, if youre not having fun then what are you doing? 


  • Be an ambassador for the sport – Never load your gun out of the water, always cover spear tips and stay away from swimmers or other water uses (be around the rocks at the last 20m of a headland), don’t clean fish in the vicinity of swimmers or other people.  </span

If someone is curious about the sport or gives you a hard time respectfully and politely talk to them and if they get aggressive or difficult remove yourself from the situation and be the bigger person.  

Got any questions about starting spearing? Drop us a line on Want to learn more about spearing equipment? Be sure to come along to our spearing day on the 20th October, 2019. 

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