Throughout your diving career, you will be more and more exposed to boat diving.

Some of the worlds best dive sites need to be travelled to by boat, whether it be a day trip in a small vessel, or a holiday on a liveaboard, you will find yourself diving increasingly more off boats. Diving from a boat, while fantastic, has its own set of factors that to an inexperienced diver, can be daunting and stressful. This course will focus on teaching you the ins and outs of various types of boats, so that you can be prepared to dive from a boat, no matter where you are.


What you learn

  • Different types of boats
  • Safety features on boats
  • Exiting and boarding boat
  • Planning boat trips
  • Preparing necessary equipment
  • Boat procedures
  • Lines
  • Underwater navigation from a boat
  • Dealing with currents and drift diving


How it works – course structure

Course Day 1 – 9am – 5pm

Theory: You will do 2-3 hours of theory at home prior to the course, depending on how fast you learn

Day 1: You will start the day early in the Dive Spear and Sport classroom, where we will have a theory session to learn and discuss the ins and outs of boat diving. We will prepare our gear and have a quick break before heading to the boat for an afternoon of diving.

Dives one and two will be conducted from the Dive, Spear and Sport boat. The dives will be decided on the week of the course depending on conditions.

Upon completion of the course, you will return to Dive Spear and Sport for certification and pack up post diving.


Course prerequisites

    • Open water scuba diver certification
    • Min age 18 or 10 with parental consent.


What it costs

The cost for this course is: $345

This includes e-learning materials, one day on a course of no more than 8 students, two boat dives, all gear hire, tanks and weights.