Why enroll in a Solo Diver Specialty Course? 


Certified divers in this specialty will gain a matured understanding of proper dive planning, personal limitations, and accident prevention in situations where buddy reliance may be limited — such as those diving with children or inexperienced divers. 


As certified scuba divers, we’ve all had the experience of diving with an undesirable buddy.  This can be because our usual buddy couldn’t make it, we just don’t have a usual buddy or found ourselves completely alone on a dive and forced to end the dive. The Solo Diver course will give you the tools to be a self-reliant competent diver, which will prepare you not only to dive without a buddy but also to become a better buddy to others.


What to Expect



Your home — access to eLearning provided after enrolment



At your convenience — allow 4-6 hours to complete modules 



  • Your modules will cover topics including gas management, dealing with equipment issues and emergencies without panic, special equipment for solo diving, and the “perfect” dive plan
  • Must be completed prior to the classroom session 
Day 1: Virtual Classroom Session


Your home via ZOOM — instructions for access to classroom will be provided upon enrolment



~2 hour duration; see available session times



  • eLearning final exam will be reviewed
  • Certain theory topics will be covered in more detail
  • Practical redundant air source set-up will be covered
Day 2: Ocean Session


8 am – 2 pm; time will be confirmed by instructor



Site will be determined based on conditions assessment



2x training dives will be conducted requiring you to demonstrate understanding of the techniques to properly execute a solo dive:

  1. Swimming skills will be assessed by carrying out a non-stop 200m surface swim in full SCUBA equipment
  2. SCUBA skills will be taught and assessed including pre-dive planning, exact dive and/or no deco profile, how to use/carry a redundant air supply, navigation skills, emergency change over to a backup regulator, surface marker deployment, and much more

How to Enroll


Select Session *
Upon Request: 2-Day Course

* Please note, if none of the available sessions suit, please get in touch with us as we potentially can arrange an alternative availability


Satisfy Pre-Requisites

Pages 1, 3-4 to be completed. Please note, the Medical Questionnaire on page 4 MUST contain only NO answers — any YES answers will require you to visit and receive a diving sign-off from a physician.


Upon completion, photograph or scan document(s), and send to us to verify at [email protected]

  • Minimum age 21
  • SDI Advanced Diver or equivalent 
  • Provide proof of 100 logged dives


Finalize Enrolment


At this point our training department will be in touch with you — your options for finalizing your enrolment include checking out over the phone, or alternatively via our online store (AfterPay & ZIP payment options available).


Following enrolment confirmation, you will receive your eLearning modules and ZOOM Virtual Classroom key with how-to-access instructions.


If not established already, our training department will continue to work with you in determining convenient dates, times and locations. Please be aware that our availabilities are dependent on current volume, and as such, we may not be able to grant your first preference in these regards — in this, we thank you for your understanding.