What is the Master SCUBA Diver rating? The Master Scuba Diving rating is the highest certification level a recreational diver can achieve. It requires four specialty course certifications, Rescue Diver certification and 50 logged dives , providing a pathway to improve your knowledge and skills as a diver, and recognise the work put in to achieve that level of skill.


During these unprecedented times, there has never been a better time to increase your knowledge base around the sport you are passionate about. Hence, we at Dive Spear and Sport have put together a selection of awesome specialties that you can complete via a combination of e-learning, classroom and practical sessions with your instructor, we will get you well and truly on your path to becoming a Master Scuba Diver! 

What to Expect

Our recommended structure!

Specialty #1: Advanced Buoyancy Control
  • Classroom Session
  • Pool Session 
  • Ocean Session


Gain an increased understanding of the factors that influence buoyancy, and greater skill in controlling buoyancy through various methods. 

Specialty #2: U.W. Navigation
  • eLearning Modules
  • Classroom Session
  • Ocean Session 


Gain a greater understanding of how to properly navigate underwater using both natural and compass navigation techniques. 

Specialty #3: Equipment Specialist
  • eLearning Modules
  • Classroom Session


Gain a greater understanding of how dive equipment works, as well as know-how in general repairs and maintenance of various types of exposure suits, BCDs, regulators, and other accessories. 

Specialty #4: Computer Nitrox
  • eLearning Modules
  • Classroom Session


Gain a greater understanding of the benefits and constraints of Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) as a breathing gas — and certification to use EANx mixtures comprising 22 to 40 percent oxygen.

Rescue Diver Course
  • eLearning Modules
  • Classroom Session
  • Pool Session
  • Ocean Session


Considered one of the most valuable recreational courses you can undertake, take your diving beyond yourself and consider other divers. You will learn valuable rescue strategies, developed through a variety of practical scenarios.

How to Enrol

Easy as 1-2-3!


Select Courses


a) Determine how many courses you need to do.

The more you do, the more you save! 

  • 2 Courses = 10% OFF
  • 3 Courses = 15% OFF
  • 4 Courses = 20% OFF


b) Select your specialties. Find our recommendations under ‘WHAT TO EXPECT’. Please note, only ONE non-diving, i.e. 100% distance-ed, course can contribute to the MSD rating (Computer Nitrox is an exception to this rule).


Complete Paperwork


Pages 1, 3-4 to be completed. Please note, the Medical Questionnaire on page 4 MUST contain only NO answers — any YES answers will require you to visit and receive a diving sign-off from a physician.


Upon completion, photograph or scan document, and send to us to verify at [email protected]


Finalize Enrolment


At this point our training department will be in touch with you — your options for finalizing your enrolment include checking out over the phone, or alternatively via our online store (AfterPay & ZIP payment options available). 


Following enrolment confirmation, you will receive your eLearning modules with how-to-access instructions. If not established already, our training department will continue to work with you in determining convenient dates, times and locations. Please be aware that our availabilities are dependent on current volume, and as such, we may not be able to grant your first preference in these regards — in this, we thank you for your understanding.