Dive Spear and Sport | Why dive with us?
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Why dive with us?

Why dive with us? At Dive, Spear and Sport, we are a company built by experienced divers for divers. The owners and staff are active divers, constantly diving in Australia and overseas in all conditions. Our team are knowledgeable in all types of diving and have the experience to go with it. Book your next dive with us here.



Nothing is more important than your life. Diving has risk that can be minimised if you learn good technique, safe practices and procedures and the importance of maintaining gear. At Dive Spear and Sport we ensure that you are absolutely comfortable with your skills, procedures and technique and our team will be there to help you commence your diving even after you are certified.


Our courses have small numbers

This may not make sense to a new diver, but unlike many other dive shops, we have a maximum of eight divers on our course. This means that you will have the attention and time given to you by the instructors to get your skills correct and make sure your comfortable SCUBA diving.

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. Before taking up a discounted Learn to Dive offer or coupon, it’s important to ensure that the dive centre offers internationally recognised certifications,  that you are getting the proper training and that courses don’t have an overloaded student to instructor ratio. We ensure that you have the personal attention you need to get the skills down packed and that most importantly, you finish your course comfortable with your new skills and not scared from the experience you’ve had. After all, diving is a challenging and daunting sport – especially when you first start – we want to make sure you have the foundations skills down packed so you want to continue diving.


All your open water dives are boat dives.

In SCUBA diving, there are two main types of dives – Shore dives and boat dives. A shore dive means that you walk in off the beach and a boat dive means that you enter from a boat. If you are learning to dive in order to dive overseas, you will find that your dives will RARELY be shore dives. Unlike all other dive companies in Sydney, we teach you to dive from a boat from your very first dive. Diving from a boat is a completely different experience that you ideally want to master before you arrive overseas with strange guides, languages and operations. Get the skills right in Australia, to Australian standards and you’ll ensure a higher level of safety when diving overseas.


Learn to high Australian standards!

So often we hear people say that they will learn on vacation in Bali, Thailand, Fiji or somewhere similar. Any knowledgeable person in the dive industry in Australia will tell you to learn locally. The reason for this is twofold.

Firstly, Australia has some of the highest safety standards in the world. We will teach you safe procedures in more unpredictable waters of this country. So many operators overseas (especially in third world countries) do not adhere to safety standards and cut corners to cut costs. They don’t maintain gear and their instructors can make poor decisions or not have adequate training– that’s how accidents happen. Learning to dive in Australia will set you with a high standard in regards to procedures and gear, will help you to identify “shonky” operators overseas and will arm you for more treacherous conditions, meaning diving in tropical waters overseas will be much easier!

Secondly, learning skills is hard work and can often take your whole focus on a dive. If you ask most experienced divers today about their first dives on their Open Water course, they will probably only recall issues with buoyancy, gear, masks etc. They probably won’t be able to tell you what they saw. How annoying to be trying to learn skills when you are in beautiful coral reef! Learn in Australia and then go qualified on your trip – you won’t regret it!


We’re local!

We’re a locally owned and run company. We know the Northern Beaches and Sydney diving, and we want to teach you all about diving locally. We aren’t just a company churning through Open Water students; we’re a family – and we want you to feel that you have the support getting started. Hence, your safety, comfort and enjoyment with the sport is our priority. Because we want you to come back! So come get started with us – This sport has changed all of our lives for the better, and we want to do the same for you!


So book your next dive with us here. See you there!

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