Looking for an introduction to the basics of spearfishing? Look no further than a Dive Spear Sport SDI / PFI Intro to Spearfishing Course.  With both theory and practical components to this course, a new spearo will be provided with an extremely solid foundation for pursuing their new hobby and spearfishing goals.  Designed for the beginners, no previous spearfishing or freediving experience is required.  It aims to help the students to develop basic skills, knowledge and safety procedures necessary, to enjoy spearfishing safely.


Since opening our doors we have received many an enquiry for a course designed around introducing spearfishing to the uninitiated. We understand that the majority of our students will be teens getting into the sport, and the major concern of parents is safety. Taking this on-board our in-house Instructor Trainer Fabio Leitao has been hard at work crafting such a course that will not only promote good-habits, but also ensure the reduction of as much risk as possible.



Our Intro to Spearfishing Course will typically run from 8 am to 4pm. Please be aware that these times may be adjusted; your instructor will be in touch to confirm.


Theory Session

Your Intro to Spearfishing theory session will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Spearfishing fundamentals, i.e. what is spearfishing?
  • Most common techniques, e.g. from surface
  • Ambush
  • Active
  • Dirty water
  • Hidden Fish (hole)
  • Tidal (using tides)
  • Flasher a. Chum
  • Gear; weights, knives, spearguns, floats, etc
  • Gun handling; out of water, in-water, how to carry, how to load, how to shoot, handling fish, etc
  • Safety; gun handling, team spearfishing, personal limits, sharks, etc
  • Sharks
  • Local fishing rules; license, bag limits, sizes, etc
  • Basic maintenance; cleaning, storage, etc


Practical Session 

Your Intro to Spearing practical session will feature land-based skills, in addition to confined water or pool-based skills under the supervision of a qualified instructor. This session will include, but is not limited to, the following skills:

  • Equalization
  • Breathing techniques
  • Proper entries
  • Flutter kicks
  • Proper warm ups
  • Dynamic apnea
  • Constant Weight apnea
  • Static apnea
  • Rescue LMC (Loss of Motor Control) and Blackout diver
  • Gear rigging
  • Gun practice shooting and loading
  • Catch handling
1. Minimum age 12


2. Be able to swim at least 200 metres / 220 yards nonstop without fins and at least 300 metres / 330 yards nonstop with mask, fins and snorkel, or be certified as a PFI Freediver or SDI Open Water Diver or equivalent


3. Have their own personal spearfishing gear, e.g. mask, snorkel, fins, speargun, float and floatline


4. Have completed the following paperwork:


***Please answer the following questions (pg 4) on your past or present medical history with a YES or NO. If you are not sure, answer YES. If any of these items apply to you, we must request that you consult with a physician prior to participating in scuba diving. Your instructor will supply you with an RSTC Medical Statement and Guidelines for Recreational Scuba Diver’s Physical Examination to take to your physician.

Basic Spearfishing Course


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Jump onto a Basic Spearfishing Course with Dive Spear Sport!


This course focuses on enabling students to spearfish effectively and in a safe and proper way. During the course, we will focus on understanding the ethics of, and code of conduct required for, responsible spearfishing.


This is an awesome introduction to spearfishing with every student leaving this course feeling happy and confident in their sport!

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Max 4 Students Per Class
Max 4 Students Per Class
Max 4 Students Per Class
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