Welcome to the New Dive Spear and Sport Memberships

The Annual membership and the DIVE HARD Membership!

Have all your diving needs covered in one easy, discounted, weekly payment.. no kidding!
Calling all scuba divers! New divers or dive harders, beginner or advanced… do we have the ultimate membership for you! Exclusive to Dive Spear and Sport, a game changer membership, a membership like no membership before. We are so excited to offer you the new Dive Spear and Sport “Dive Hard” membership program.


How it works:

Your year of diving, grouped into affordable, DISCOUNTED, weekly payment… 
Our new membership program allows you the flexibility to pay for your diving all year around. We have calculated everything that you will require in a year to keep active, training and upskilling, as well as a little extra to put towards that piece of funky equipment, extra course or travel. Then, we’ve heavily discounted all of it and put it into an easy weekly payment for you! Not kidding!


Membership options:



















I want to be a Dive Harder!