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What is the DSS Summer Program?

You’ve asked for more events around your sport, and we’ve delivered! Events to keep you pumped in your support, to give back to the community, to learn more about your sport or to do with the family…. so, here it is! Your diverse, educational and fun summer program!


It is a series of events, dives, clean up days, talks, seminars, gear trial days, awareness events and much much more for all members of the community including divers, spearos, freedivers and more. But don’t let us try to explain it – take a look for yourself! The full PDF of all the program events can be download here. Or, you can go to our facebook page to see the events there. Alternatively… you can drop in store and get a hard copy of the program!

How much does it cost?

Almost all the events are free. There are a couple of the excursions which may have a small cost associated, passed on by the host. Alternatively, there may be a gold coin charity donation for the event. The price can be found on the program.


Question about the program?

No worries, drop us a line at [email protected] or phone (02) 9999 3903.