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JULY 2021

Club Dives

Join the team and DSS family on a social club dive this Winter! Be it a shore dive, night dive, or clean up dive... we'll have plenty to keep you busy and social this Winter.

Our next Club Dive is 8am Sunday July 4 at Kiddies' Corner, Palm Beach Ocean Pool. Join our team afterwards for a BBQ back at DSS. Let us know below if you're interested in coming along! 

Winter Webinars

We have a whole host of new guests for this Winter's webinar series! If you enjoyed last year, you won't want to miss what we have in store for you this Winter.

Our first Winter Webinar is 7.30pm Wednesday July 7 in our Virtual Classroom. We'll be discussing the future of shark nets with Humane Society International's Lawrence Chlebeck!

$99 Boat Dives

We're offering a limited number of $99 Double Boat Dive Cards this Winter! Each card provides 5x DSS Double Recreational Boat Dives OR Single Technical Boat Dives for $99 each, with the discount valid until September 30. 

Click below for the full list of conditions. 

Dive Hard Membership

All your diving needs in one easy discounted weekly payment! We've calculated everything that you'll require in a year to keep active, training, upskilling, as well as a little bit extra.

Express your interest below. 


Try Tech Day

Join our Technical Instructor Byron Potter on our next Try Tech Day. The perfect way to dip your toe into the technical world. Try a twin-set or sidemount configuration under the direct supervision of an expert.

Enquire below and come and see if it's for you!

Professional Development Info Night

Join us at our next Professional Development Info Night hosted by our very own SDI Instructor Trainer Fábio Leitão. You'll learn all you need to know about how to become a professional SCUBA Divemaster or Instructor. 

We also have an awesome assortment of bundle options for fulfilling pre-requisites or just simply upskilling before you take the plunge. Let us know if you'd like to know more! 

With More To Come!

We'll be adding events to this page throughout Winter, so make sure to check back frequently!